About Us
We are a non-profit charity based in the UK and Somaliland.

Established in April 2011 by Nasir Ciise Geeljire after watching footage of the mentally ill detention centre in Hargeisa, we support vulnerable people with mental health problems in Somaliland by providing medical supplies, equipment, food, shelter and training.

We do this with the help of the Somali diaspora and partner organisations.

To improve the lives and well-being of Somalis suffering from mental health problems in the community and in Somaliland by joint – up and holistic approach

Our Mission

  • To advocate for the needs of those with mental health problems
  • To educate members of the community and those in Somaliland about mental health issues
  • To foster working partnership with stakeholders in mental health issues

Organizational Core Values and Principles

  • Compassionate – we listen and endeavour to provide user-friendly services and support
  • Responsive – we are flexible, approachable to make a difference
  • Passionate – we are committed to what we are doing and we enjoy doing them
  • Inclusive – we value equality and diversity in service delivery to meet diverse needs
  • Transparency and Accountability – we act with integrity and follow good governance and best practice