Symposium Arrangement

We are kindly informing all the mental health stakeholders in all over the world that SMHSO is going to arrange a symposium which is intended to discuss and review the achievements of the organization, challenges of mental health programs in Somaliland and to set up the future strategies, plans, objectives and the goals that we want to collectively accomplish in the near future to help the psycho socially or mentally challenged people. The date of the workshop will be during the last week in August and the venue will be assigned later.

However, we are compassionately requesting and inviting national and international doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, directors of mental health hospitals in all the regions of Somaliland, qualified nurses, fresh graduates, social workers, social activist, women unions, youth associations, volunteers and any other persons who want to take part this session to contact the organization’s office in Hargeisa.

We are eagerly looking forward for your participation. Thanks in advance
Contact us 0633675252