Fundraising Activities for Supporting the Mental Health illness people in Somaliland

The Somaliland Mental Health Support Organization is the only leading organization that works to help mentally ill individuals living in the Somaliland region. SMHSO works diligently to identify the needs of the patients, doctors, and hospitals in order to better serve and support those who suffer from mental illnesses along with their families. The organization took a significant step to build, care, and support this vulnerable sector of people in the Somaliland region. The organization initiated a fundraising strategy to collect sufficient funds to support the all of the branches that the charity supports such as Hargeisa, Burco, Borama, Laascanood, etc. Thus, to do so the organization has distributed charity boxes to local shops, restaurants, hotels, and pharmacies.

In addition to that, the organization has generated more volunteerism as well as activists who have step forward to support the cause. The religious leaders have been appointed to collect the charity boxes from their locations due to the fact that they are much respected among the Somaliland people. The organization allocated to support that fund the below activities.

  1. Provide wages the staff working Somaliland hospitals such as; cleaners, and watchman’s
  2. Provide wages the staff collected the hospitals the fruits, and vegetables
  3. Maintaining the mental hospitals in Somaliland

Furthermore, the amount collected from the charity boxes isn’t enough to meet the needs of the mental health hospitals in Somaliland at the moment. In the future we anticipate to get more than we are able to gather right now. If our funds increase, our ability to provide more as an organization will likewise increase.

In conclusion, the Somaliland Mental Health Support Organization willingly supports the mentally ill individuals and their families in Somaliland through transparency, accountability and diligence. Please donate the below Accounts.

Calaamadaha sanaaduuqda mucaawimada loogu ururiyo dadka dhimirka ka jirran